Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wot I et this weekend

I put my mouth where my blog is and cooked a wild garlic omelette - ku chai or chinese chives, with a very light oniony taste. Not bad, if I were foraging in the forest, I would definitely choose this!

If only I knew how to identify safe mushrooms...

I also made rendang, but we ate it before I could take a picture. I obviously have not got the idea, plus since I used brahim rendang sauce, as I was busy, felt like it was not real cooking!

I only had one chance with this cheese on a cracker because I then ate it - it was blue enough to walk I think, so I ate it fast. Or I was impatient. I think I am too impatient to be a food blogger because I just want to eat the food, forget about shooting a nice pic of it!

(all this while pondering my reader impressions...aiyah, must have food for thoughtlah!)


msiagirl said...

Hi Kak Teh! Sorry this was off! I want to definitely hear some recommendations of new rendang :)

Kak Teh said...

well, this one i have right before me is Maggi's Ayam Kerutuk - kelantanese rendang paste! siyo you masak this, mother in law lalu pun you wont know.
I have several packets. Drop me an email with yr address and i can post one to you.

msiagirl said...

Haha, Kak Teh! My mother in law very garanglah, this must be good stuff! Bagaimana I email you? Maaf I cannot find your email (although I know you minum kopi with my cousin in a few weeks) but my email is on the profile section of my blog. If you contact me i can send you my address and some anti-ageing cream:)

mmm. Cantiklah kita dua, I make a batch to share.

Kak Teh said...

hahaha - what are you trying to say?? eh - so yang-may is yr cousin ah..i guessed as much. we are planning this friday - dinner - if she is free as i am meeting tan twan eng - the author of the gift rain. are you free? come laaa! my email also ada kat sidebar of my blog. now am off searching yr email.

Kenny Mah said...

Ooo... rendang and face cream and dinner with Tan Twan Eng & Yang-May? London's way more happening than KL lah... ;)

And don't worry, I suck as a foodblogger as I can't wait to take photos, hunger comes first! :P

msiagirl said...

Kak Teh, I am saying everyone benefits from looking like they are 18 right? ;)

OH I wish I could come to London on Friday, but I am going to be in Dorset with lots of families with small children - no chance of my other life getting a look in.

I haven't got a mail from you so I will have another look on your sidebar, I pakai specs tak nampaklah!

msiagirl said...

Kenny glad to know you are also eat first blog later, must be practicelah!