Monday, April 23, 2007

Arrival of Leaves

New cell, new surface
Full of green blood
Power is calling from root
Hold, hold, hold
Reach, be bold

Bolt from the sun
Burn and turn into green creases
Bark thicken, wind teases
Time is now, taller, layer
Distance from the decayer

Free the shackles of husk
Ramsons be your bride
To stem the tide
Turn over new leaf
I have arrived.


Kathryn said...

Ahhhhh spring green. Lovely. Great poem though as I read it I heard it as a song. Did you hear it as a song?

No leaves yet here but it's good to know that life is making it's way over the pond!

Hope you are feeling better!


Kenny Mah said...

A lovely poem for the arrival of Spring! Lush and luscious, yes? :D

msiagirl said...

Thanks you two for reading my poem and leaving a note!

I was chanting a little ditty in my head, yes it's about spring, but yes it's about phases of change, internal and external and it's about me, climbing out of my old husk, writing again! Hurrah!

None of the stuff I post is edited, I guess it's the whole idea of just get it out there for now.