Sunday, April 01, 2007

Going to Glencot

Glencot House Hotel

We went to a party for the launch of a new hotel. Everyone had to dress with "decadence". I usually wear a cheongsam to such things, but mr G was disappointed not to have a red velvet smoking jacket and a cravat. He almost refused to go. But once we reached the elegant Victorian villa with flaming torches on the terrace, and he had had his first sip of wine and nibble of chocolate eclair, he settled down to the ambience of candlelight and stuffed peacocks, ornate mirrors and overstuffed armchairs. There was a roaring fire or two and the crowning glory of his night was the abundance of Daim chocs everywhere, jars and dishes overflowed with his favourite treat. You can see the top of the jar above. The gin cocktails ran out in an hour (400 guests, free booze!) but the Daim remained and a goodly few came home with us.

Having a laff with my girlfriends!


Kenny Mah said...

Oh you girls look like you had a fine time! Decadence, wine, chocolates... mmm, I need to get myself invited to a do like this. Someone in KL should organise one but fast!

Was at the Poetry Slam yesterday (will blog about it as soon), and had much too much red wine for my own good. But perhaps there's no such thing as too much when you are in good company, as you were too. :)

msiagirl said...

It was a lot of fun with my friends! Looking forward to hearing about the Poetry Slam. :)

Kenny Mah said...

Done! You can read about the Poetry Slam here. :)