Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tooth Fairy is about!

Tooth number two:
Good for you!

The Fairy Queen’s

Favourite drink is dew,

Captured in the morning’s dawn,

In a goblet carved from –

Your milky tooth

That wiggled loose.

from Fairy SlumberSloth


Kathryn said...

I like that imagry very much! Reminded me a little of Pan's Labyrinth for some reason.

Kathryn said...

Opps typo - I meant imagery. ok must get away from computer and go to sleep.

msiagirl said...

My seven year old takes the Tooth Fairy notes for her teacher to read in class! We just have fun with this.

My nine year old who has read Enid Blyton detective stories exclaimed that the paper matched our computer paper...to which I hurriedly replied that it was the most common paper in all the world and ... even fairies had it...to which she had a chuckle. But I think I am gonna have to fess up soon so the seven year old can enjoy the Tooth fairy without awkward x-ray questions from her older sibling!

msiagirl said...

Yes, I seem to spend my blogging time exhorting people to go to bed...take mum hat off...sleep is so blissful though, we cannot help but recommend it!

Kathryn said...

Ha, that is so cute of your nine year old - wise one there!

That is such a cool idea. Our tooth fairy left us a lonely quarter for our trouble. I would have loved a cryptic or poetic note! Fun.