Sunday, April 01, 2007

A visitor

The apple tree in the back garden is about to burst into full blossom. Mr G took a great photo this morning.


Anonymous said...

What's all this then about birds and Spring? Well, what kind of bird is it? Does it make a pretty song? Visit Colorado?
And, who gets invited to the Glencot for an opening with torching flames, formalwear, gin-wine-choco-cheese? HOw does one get a life like this?
But I'll get right to the point: I'm jealous, there is no Mr. G downstairs making fishy breakie-bits and steaming cups for me. Do
you lend him out; does he make

msiagirl said...

Parus caeruleus is the latin name of this little local bird, not really known for its song but for its acrobatic antics in our back gardens.

And if you're persuasive enough you may get mr G to come round with his feather duster.