Friday, March 02, 2007

You know, blogging takes an unprecedented degree of technical bravery. Not only that, you have to dissect your own identity and decide which parts of yourself will be on display: which is your public face, your dark side or your avatar. OK, I'll admit there's a part of me who likes filling in forms and ticking boxes, that's what has got me this far.

I'm a little bit worried though, I've spent the past two years trying to take all the comparmentalised parts of my self and integrate them. Have them see each other, talk to each other, mention one another while speaking to other people. Blogging makes them want to go their separate ways again. Be one thing to each person. This doesn't seem to be the case for most people - many people seem to want to present all the parts to themselves, but I'm naive. It's all probably still part of the illusion.

It'll take a little while for me to figure out what this is all about and what it is all for. Happy to take that learning curve. Feel the walls of the room I'm in streeeetch a little.

see ya'll

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Ryn Tales said...

Present any of the yous you like. I am sure they are all pretty darn interesting and maybe you will even find, via the view from the balcony of your blog, where they all come together.