Sunday, March 25, 2007

Very small voice by my ear goes," Mummy, daddy says to come and have fish fingers and scrambled eggs."

I sit up in bed. "Are you sure that's what's for breakfast?"

Big grins, "Oh, oh. oh, I think so."

"Better go check, honey"

Little voice fading down the stairs," Daddy..."

Reappearance - "Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, mummy."

I am spoilt, aren't I? It came with fresh squeezed orange juice, capers and spring onions and crisp soldiers of toast.

Hurray for the gourmet!


Kenny Mah said...

Ah, finally found some time to browse blogs again! And what a lovely entry here. I don't think a mummy and wife can ever be too spoilt by her kids - big and small. *grins*

Just realised I hadn't added you to my Bookmarks page yet. Rectified this oversight immediately.

Glad to see you have Gaiman's Anansi Boys at your bedside. Nice to have a load of humour after his bestseller/serious tome American Gods. This one is less sprawling, neater, but no less a good read.

Have you read his collaboration with Terry Pratchett, Good Omens yet? I gave mine away years ago, and a friend gave a new copy to me this Jan for my birthday. A classic, that one.

msiagirl said...

Good Omens was the first Gaiman book I read, and this is only just my second - he makes me laugh a lot, as does good ol Terry.It's a great Chaos story and about family too - a good lesson that however far apart we are from them physically or emotionally, there's a part of us inexorably linked - despite the fact that we grow into our own person like a starfish cut in half. Cool.