Friday, March 16, 2007

Are you taking care of your Spleen?

In Chinese Medicine, Spleen is Earth Energy, our giving Qi. If you stick out your tongue and look at it in the mirror, do you see anything like teethmarks on the edges by the tip? If you see those, your Spleen is run down and needs some TLC.

Characteristically, most people in the caring professions have teethmarks on their tongue - unless they are remarkably balanced individuals. Also, people who worry a lot and don't sleep enough. Or people who never sit down to have a meal. Hmm, parenting probably qualifies for all three. Early parenting anyway. Later parenting probably involves trying to get everyone to actually sit down with you for a meal.

Other indications of Spleen disharmony: bad digestion - too slow or too fast; easily bruised; varicose veins; stiff muscles, fuzzy head. oh and yeah - Chocolate cravings.

Spleen usually needs a lot of nourishing. You probably do too. I probably do as well.

Daverick Legett knows a lot about how to eat for your spleen. Nice warming foods. No salads. Porridge with honey, that kind of thing - orange food - butternut squash, pumpkin with ginger...and sit down and chew.

Spend some time with your feet on the ground or digging in the garden. Spending time just in your head drains the Spleen.

Essential oils for your spleen: Cardamom, yum! geranium, cedarwood, cypress - blend with citruses to be nice to Liver and Stomach so they all play nice. Just off the top of my head...

Point to press if not pregnant: Spleen 6- place 4 finger widths over the anklebone on big toe side - press hard on the point which feels like someone is sticking you with a letter opener. Ouch! You found it. Maybe some regular attention to it may alleviate Spleen tiredness - or actually sleeping, or eating without rushing out the door, or worrying about stuff...


Kenny Mah said...

Cardamom, huh? I love it in Masala Tea, which I get regularly from my friendly neighbourhood Indian restaurant Sri Paandi (Section 11, Petaling Jaya).

Do you practice a lot of this aromatherapy/Chinese Medicine? I'm actually a bit fatigued lately from all the running around I've been doing so any advice is appreciated. :)

P.S. If it's alright with you, I'd like to link to your blog on my Bookmarks page. Just thought I'd ask first.

msiagirl said...

The spice teas are really good for the digestion (in which Spleen plays a big part). My main job is practicing this fusion of essential oils (very french) and TCM. I'll do some more posts on Qi eg. when you do not have enough Qi to go around, you feel fatigued! This would be a post on looking after your Kidneys. :) A few early nights would be good for you and slice up some fresh ginger and add hot water for a hot drink.

I'm honoured you would like to link to my blog, thank you. May I link to yours?