Sunday, March 18, 2007

Before I leave the Spleen...

I want to talk about Damp. Damp and the Spleen go together because when Spleen is tired it doesn't digest your food very well, or transform it properly into the energy we need. Do you find that picture disturbing? I never thought I would post a picture of a tongue on my blog, but I think it is important to illustrate both Spleen deficiency and Damp coating. When I am working, all I am thinking about is getting the information from the tongue I am looking at, so I never have a problem. Damp is often prevalent when you live in a humid place, such as Malaysia or chilly wet place, such as southwest England. In hot countries, it appears as Damp-Heat, which could be something like a red, itchy rash or inflamed arthritis.In cold guessed it, Damp-Cold could just be an ache in your bones when the Siberian wind is blowing and the rain is sheeting down, or very stiff arthritis.

Damp is also associated with having high yeast levels, like candida in your body. So eating too many sugary things aggravate it - or drinking too much beer or wine (sorry folks!) - Damp makes the system very sluggish.

So to help your Spleen recover, you may also have to spend a few weeks cutting down on sugar and alcohol as well as getting some sleep and chewing your (warm) food very slowly...can it be done?

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