Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Hummus and the Haggis

Mr G and i had separate dinners last night. There has been a shortage of hummus in the UK for the last week due to the company which supplies all major retailers of hummus having a problem with salmonella!,,2015332,00.html

Mr G being a hummus lover, had been deprived of his hummus and experienced withdrawal symptoms. He discovered the hummus supply restored yesterday and arrived home bearing a pot of organic manna from M&S and pitta bread to go with it. I, in the meanwhile had unknowingly got out the Haggis for dinner - you know, chopped lambs lungs, beef hearts and liver - this one not stuffed in a sheeps stomach. We do appreciate Haggis in this house too, we had this one in the freezer since Burns night and it needed to be eaten with mashed potato, turnips, nice green cabbage and generous gratings of black pepper. So I had mostly Haggis, and he had mostly Hummus.

As we sat there sharing the hummus and the haggis, I experienced a moment of peace and contentment that Mr G and I, who are opposite in many ways, were at One in our differences.

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Ryn Tales said...

Ok - I am down with the hummous. I love the organic stuff they sell at Sainsbury's when we are in E. Grinstead. BUT - Haggis, eaten outside of Scotland and not on a dare...

That's true love that both share the same table.