Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Tooth Fairy pays us a visit

I am the Spring fairy
I am the fairy of Daffodils
I am the fairy of Hyacinths
I am the Snowdrop fairy.

I am the new green Grass
I am the Frost and Sleet
I am the Rainbow and the New Moon
I am the fairy of Beginnings.

I am the fairy come to take
your tooth
I am the fairy to fly it home
Home through moonlight
Owlight, starlight
Grasping the tail of a comet
Plunging through the heart of a secret lake

You can call me Serelia.


Anonymous said...

Grasping the tail of a comet
Plunging through the heart of a secret lake

Sighs... what imagery... I need to read poems again... Nisa just bought me a book of Rumi's poetry for my birthday... Very beautiful lines...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wah...."owlight"...so canggih wan that word. I think I should hang out more with you to improve my vocabulary. Happy Spring!

msiagirl said...

Kenny: Rumi's quite a favourite of mine. What a lovely gift! Post your favourite poem, won't you?

LL: I think you picked the word I spelled wrong! Only a poem for leaving under the pillow, shhh! Well I miss hanging out with you all lots! Real Busy this week. Sigh.

Kak Teh said...

waaaah, so beautiful! Must learn to appreciate poems. I have been too involved in Malay syaers and they are beautiful too.

Anyway, there's a possibility that I got to Bristol in April - any chance we can meet? I can come up to see you.

Kenny Mah said...

Hmmm, don't have the book with me right now but will post if I can later.

I'm terrible at remembering lines of poetry, by the way.. They are like rays of light in a winter's day. Here now, gone the next moment. But beautiful nonetheless.

I have experienced Beauty even if I am unable to hold her in my dreams.

msiagirl said...

Kak Teh! I am really excited, email me your dates and I will make big effort to clear my schedule. Come, come!

Kenny luv, it's what I like about poetry, it's transience, it's in-the-moment-ness. (but probably because i, too, have terrible memory for lines of anything!)

Anonymous said...

You continue to inspire me, dear... Strange how our little blog conversation here can end up with me writing just a little more...

It's ALL about In-The-Momentness... :)

Kathryn said...


Lovely!!! Can I be your illustrator? So many lovely images inspiring me as I am working on a fairy series of paintings right now. But I am with Kenny - with those two lines especially. I want can hear the splash! sigh. ;)

Kathryn said...

And happy birthday my dear!!! xoxox

msiagirl said...

Hello my darlings, thank you for your lovely words and wishes. Had a lovely lunch which I will post soon.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read about this lovely lunch of yours... You make even the most simple things special somehow. :)