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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Teacher Cookie Baking Day

I rarely bake. In fact my 10 year old did most of these. I had fun decorating with the kids today but it took all day to package these up to the various teachers and best friends in the school. Phew! If wishes were cookies, I would send you some! Happy Holidays!


Kenny Mah said...

If wishes were cookies, then I'll be savouring some of the best from you now, my dear. Happy Holidays to you too! :)

*big warm huggies*

gRaCe said...

those cookies look real yummy.. *Ahem, not forgetting the fact that i'm hungry now, having skipped dinner yest. hehe..*

Merry Xmas & happy new yr to you dear! Have a fantabulous one this yr! ^_^

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Whatcha waiting for, girl? You got my address, right? If don't have, I can email you. No problemo. Anything for them pretty cookies. (C'mon girls, you love Uncle T and Aunty M, dontcha? Dontcha??)

Kate said...

Thank you for the Christmas tree bisckit.

msiagirl said...

Kenny-luv: Ya wish i could just hand them over. It's so rare I make them! The wishes are definitely there though! Big fat hugs back!

Grace: Hi Ya! Make sure you don't skip any holiday yummy food.

LL: Hey girl - I really didn't realise Christmas is such a big holiday in Malaysia - would be too hot to bake! Really? You'd actually wanna eat one of my cookies?! BUT I will be more organised next year!!! Remember i want a picture of your tree!

Katie! You are welcome for the biscuit (the only one here who actually got to eat one of the things!)

Might get a few posts in b4 xmas but who knows! Thanks for all your good wishes.

Anonymous said...

I loved all my cookies from my students but their cookies did not match up to Miss L's in beauty. Fantastic job, I could see all the love that went into them and that they're quite special. I'm sure everyone who received a packet loved them too.

From a Cookie Lover Teacher :)

Much love & hugs,
E xxxooo

Jackson said...

wow...deicious cookies!! Happy new year and Happy holiday to you too!

msiagirl said...

Hi Cookie lover teacher sister! Yeah, we wish we could send them to you too but...probably would be a bag full of crumbs courtesy of the tender mercies of the postal service. Hope you are having fun holidays and Happy New Year!

Hi Jackson, thanks for stopping by my blog - I've heard you are no mean cook yourself! Happy New Year to you too!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yummy!!..definitely a better effort then what i did the 1st time..

kennymah said...

Uhm, better late than never, right?

Happy New Year, dear! May 2008 bring you all sorts of goodies like healthy appetites and even stranger garden creatures to photograph in pixie light... ;)

Kak Teh said...

msia girl, am back in cold gloomy london - happy new year to you and family!

msiagirl said...

Hello favourite people! I've really missed blogging and seem to have been on bloghols for a longer time than expected. But I'm revving up my writing muscles and need to limber up soon. I guess the Lunar New Year is a good time to start! Hugs from Pey