Monday, October 08, 2007

Can she bake an apple pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

Perfect autumn food. Fresh off the tree, the apples are ready to eat. Cinnamon and nutmeg warm the body and soul.

The golden beech leaves are falling on our hill. The squirrels are busy collecting the funny angled beechnuts popping out from their prickly cases.

It is time to make apple pie. A toffee-like apple pie with dark molasses sugar and spice. Tarte tatin without the flipping, and it always reminds me of my friend Esther, who used to bake me covered pies like this in Virginia.

What do you do if you are girl like me and can't make pastry and can only make this recipe up new everytime? Well: 1. buy sweet pastry case. 2. get lots of dark molasses sugar and crumble all over base. 3. peel and cut up apples in chunky slices. 4. toss in more sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled generously. 5. arrange artistically and dot butter strategically around the slices. 6. bake till brown sugar is oozing and apples shrink slightly. (And Mr. G, following his nose shouts to you, lounging on the sofa hypnotised by Elektra's flashing blades: "Oy! Does this need to come out?")

psst. As you can see, we each had a slice already, warm from the oven before bedtime!


Lynette said...

Can't really tell how good your apple pie is from your pic but can imagine the taste! The aroma of freshly baked apple pie is always very stimulating....appetite for food I mean! hee2. Was just watching discovery travel program on Bath....mmmm...must visit you when I come next month. Hope the weather won't be too dreary though! Want anything from here? Rendang paste, perhaps???

msiagirl said...

lynette, hey come over! LL can tell you if it is nice :) Book tickets a few weeks in advance from London Paddington and it is very cost effective on the train, only 90minutes. Can do for you if you want, just let me know dates. Weather unpredictable - now blue skies! Be Prepared, girl scout motto. Did you hear my greedy rendang story from T? I think I'll be OKlah! Can bring me some gula melaka?? all right!Tell me when you are coming soon!

Kenny Mah said...

Ooh... that apple pie looks to die for, dark and rich... Actually, forget to die for, I'd kill for a slice! :d

Can't wait till we next meet again, dear, be it in M'sia or UK or somewhere else completely...

Till then... *hugs*

msiagirl said...

Kenny:Well imagine if LL had taken the pic! It would look much more yummy :) Wish I could send you a soul food slice. Sending you hugs back and hoping to plan my next visit home soon. xx