Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Take it easy

Mr G came home with new mugs for both of us. Mugs have favoured status in the english household as the ceremonial vessels for the traditional cuppa.

Cuppa means comfort, cuppa means love ya, cuppa means sorry, cuppa means friendship. I'm sure all those things and more. And Mr G being the proper englishman he is, wields the cuppa in all its full meaningful glory.

Mr G chose for me a serene and feminine mug called Momiji Peaches. When you finish drinking your nice cuppa tea, there's a little message revealed through the milk and sugar (just one, please).

It says, "take it easy! life is peaches."

How sweet is that? Maybe I can actually be a sweet and feminine wifey...hmm...no, actually it won't work. Too bad. Don't get me wrong, Mr G did not choose wrongly because he does know my exact taste for beautiful Japanese design, and this is just right. Little did he know, that in the underbed drawer full of presents for little girls, there are already two momiji dolls which I couldn't resist buying for my two. You can see the kind of thing I mean at this shop. What kind of momiji would you like? Or which momiji would you get me? *wink*


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Hahaha. The momijis are really adorable. Reminds me of my holiday in Japan where I was mesmerised by all the cuteness around me. How can the Japanese ever feel stressed with cute messages like: "I like: florence, twiglets and singing in the rain." That's the one I'd pick for u...the sister doll. :-)

Lee Ping said...

Cuppa means love, comfort and sorry. Mr G is so sweet. Every morning before my hubby leaves for work, he pours me a cup of warm water, leave it next to my nightstand and kiss me goodbye. If he leaves without a kiss or "cuppa", I would know he is upset with me.

p/s I know you come by my blog, even if you don't leave me a comment. Thanks for coming by.

msiagirl said...

LL! You Are like a sister, thanks I am honoured sista-san. "your chatting with me under the sky makes me always smiling" is a good one for you too.

Florence is good, twiglets is good, but I think you will pay me for NOT singing in the rain :)

msiagirl said...

lee ping, So sweet your hubby does the cuppa too. Aww.

WokandSpoon said...

That's a sweet story! and I think the mug is super cute!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Hi Darl, the momijis are lovely. And you sound so happy and content. That is even more gorgeous. Anyways, just to let you know I've tagged you regarding your fave food. Have a look at the entry. ;-)

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Msiagirl,

That is such a cute mug. Japanese design has a clean and precise feel about it. Your Mr G, is thoughtful. Cheers.

Kenny Mah said...

Hi dear!

Love them cuppas... I know what it feels like to have a special cup just for that special someone... pouring something simple like plain water could mean everything like the quiet love we have for the other person.

Awww, you got me all emo again! But in a good way. *smiles*

Happy weekend! *hugs*

msiagirl said...

Happy Fridays everybodeee!

wokandspoon:thx! hope you'll be doing something great with the family in Frankfurt.

Nigel: OMG my first tag!! I gotta think this one thru. haha do I know 5 other people who haven't done it to tag?? Have a happyeatingfulloffriends weekend. :)

rubyahmad: thanks for coming by! a big hello to you.

Kenny: *big hugs back* I know you'll be having a good time this weekend.

Weekends are extra-time for mums, keeping the kids busy. But Mr G and I are going to see "The Feeling" in the rain. I'll have to wear my pink spotted wellies.

Kenny Mah said...

Hope you two enjoy "The Feeling" ... I'm having a really relaxing Saturday so far... such a luxury doing nothing all day. Well, other than a trip to the gym (I've almost forgotten what it looked like), some housechores, replying comments... ;)

LL is watching "Transformers" the movie tonight; me doing the same tomorrow. Has it opened in the UK yet? Nothing like a bit of silly summery blockbustery time spent to loosen up them brain cells, I say! LOL

msiagirl said...

The Feeling concert: wet very wet, pouring in fact! But fun very fun and jumped up and down in my pink spotted wellies till my old knees creaked! Will post photos :)

UK is the LAST place to get all the new movies, we are a month behind you in Malaysia! I like hanging up the old brain cells but often have to wait till it comes out on DVD, due to lack/cost of babysitters.

Anonymous said...

"Momo" is "peach" in Japanese.
"Momiji" is "Japanese maple tree."

The Boulder Pedant

msiagirl said...

Thank you Mr Pedant - a japanese maple in my garden would be nice too!