Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Penang Post

My mum has broadband but it is still slow and I won't have much time to post today. I've had lots of mango, pineapple and nasi lemak. And some otak otak. And big family dinner things. But today I think the kids will have to have pizza or they'll pop from all the chicken and broccolli sang mee I'm feeding them. Doubt I'll even get in some char kuey teow...but we will see. The whole point is to visit family, not get in my eating schedule!

I can't believe I get to have my name on the Readings Poster this Saturday - see Kenny Mah's site or Sharon's - my first reading in Malaysia - it is a real milestone, folks.


Yang-May said...

Re Readings Posters - Abs Fabs, Sweetie-Dahling! Sorry I missed you before you left for M'sia. Crete was a delight - curiously: reminded me of M'sia 30 years ago ie pre- high tech development phase. Eat lots of laksa for me, won't you!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Lovely meeting you. And thanks for coming by. Rather regretful that we won't have more time jaw, this time round. But hope to see you in the UK ;-) And I hope you enjoyed the cakes and desserts.

gRaCe said...

You'll probly get to read this when ur back in Bath, but it was really great and lovely meeting you dear! =D

I had so much fun..Sorry bout me being very quiet tho. Me throat was dying on me. Hahah..;o)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I had such a great time with you, girl!!!! Can't wait to visit you in Bath soon. I keep smelling the lovely Lyrical Lemongrass blend you created for me and thinking what a lucky girl I am. :-) Will email you the photos.

msiagirl said...

YM-I didn't get to eat ANY Laksa, or Prawn Mee - but I did eat a LOT anyway!

Nigel, Grace and Lovely Lyrical I had SUCH a nice time meeting you, wish KL was a bit nearer and can go makan with you all the time.